325hudson-285x300325 HUDSON WIRELESS-MEET-ME-ROOM©

325 Hudson and NexxCom Wireless are pleased to announce Manhattan’s first wireless Meet Me Room. In conjunction
with the mid-2013 launch of 325 Hudson’s new 9th floor wired Meet Me Room, NexxCom will demonstrate the substantial
opportunity for wireless connectivity from the roof.

Fig. 1 Disaster Recovery from 325 Hudson

  • Multiple line-of-site connections from 325 Hudson are available to various datacenters in NY and NJ.
  • The combination of wireless and wired path availability assures continuity of operations during unplanned communications outages.
  • 325 Hudson, through its rooftop wireless meet-me-room coupled with multiple fiber connections is ideal for latency sensitive communications and disaster recovery capabilities.

Fig. 2 demonstrates that 325 Hudson is an ideally located facility for connecting to every datacenter in NJ, NY and the transatlantic cable landing stations of the major subsea carriers.

  • From the rooftop, NexxCom will employ its patent pending wireless technologies encompassing:
  • Spectrum from 6-90GHz
  • Ethernet Standard interfaces at OSI Layer 1 (physical layer)
  • High Availability links from 10Mb/s to 1000Mb/s
  • The NexxCom solution is best of breed wireless connectivity and widely deployed worldwide.
  • High level of tailoring available to suit specific customer requirements.