• Provided network diversity product with several Fiber providers and data centers
  • Leadership in NYC working with telecom and property owner after 9/11 to study network diversity needs
  • Wire breathed of solutions for alternate access design and Rapidly deployable tech.


  • NexxCom Disaster Recovery COMING SOON
  • Lower Manhattan Telecommunications User's Working Group Findings and Recommendations The terrorist attacks of September 11th resulted in significant telecommunications outages in Lower Manhattan. In response, the LMTUWG was founded to identify telecommunications weaknesses develop a strategy for making Lower Manhattan’s telecom infrastructure more secure, redundant, and reliable than ever before. READ MORE
  • Alternate Medium Mandates Cable + Wireless COMING SOON
  • Diverse Path Should Fiber break or building damage mandate new routing COMING SOON
  • Multiple, independent access points to network and building riser COMING SOON

NexxCom Engines

  • L1/L2 Wireless Engines
  • BW up to 10 Gb/s
  • Deployable in hours
  • Low power, can run off battery kit

Engines USED

  • SkyMAX™ GB millimeter wave
  • SkyDATA™ up to 600 Mb/s
  • SkyDATA™ - Lite to 100 Mb/s