• Provided DR product with several Fiber providers and data centers
  • Leadership in NYC working with telecom and property owner after 9/11 to study DR needs
  • Wire breathed of solutions for alternate access design and Rapidly deployable tech.


  • Alternate Medium Mandates Cable + Wireless
  • Diverse Path Should Fiber break or building damage mandate new routing
  • Multiple, independent access points to network and building riser

NXC Engines

  • L1/L2 Wireless Engines
  • BW up to 10 Gb/s
  • Deployable in hours
  • Low power, can run off battery kit

Engines USED

  • SkyMAX™ GB millimeter wave
  • SkyDATA™ up to 600 Mb/s
  • SkyDATA™ - Lite to 100 Mb/s