Financial Services Ultra Low Latency Trading Solutions

In the hyper-speed  world of electronic or high frequency trading, NexxCom has emerged as the “go-to company” for reliable networks, operating  as close to the asymptote of the speed of light as is achievable.  Our combination of low latency network design and highly dependable OSI Layer 1 RF systems (spanning spectra from 6GHz-90GHz) enables traders to achieve the absolute fastest/lowest latency networks at very high availability.

Our  focus on Ethernet port standard OSI Layer 1 radio technology enables seamless  interface with Ethernet Standard appliances at our customers’ premises. This eliminates hidden latencies caused by encapsulation from forcing OC-X radios to work at IP standards and minimizes serialization penalties which are part of the physics of Ethernet.  When designing networks, we pay close attention to the complete system architecture, not simply the wireless portion; we apply this level of consideration for private client networks and shared bandwidth networks alike.

Future Proofing

We are often asked, “What happens if a new RF technology emerges that could possibly obsolete our investment?”  The likelihood is that this new technology would likely originate at NexxCom.   We  are now deploying our third-generation low latency radio  technology, which allows us to get within approximately tens of microseconds on Metropolitan networks and a couple 100µS on Long Haul systems to the speed of light on the straight PATH.

Our SkyMaxTM millimeter wave radio engine has across the unit latency measured from <10’sµS to ~5µS pending configuration and our SkyData TM microwave radio engine has latency across the unit measured from <75 nano-seconds up to < 21µS pending configuration.  These engines today produce 100Mb/s multiples on SkyData and 1,000Mb/s on SkyMAX.  We have programs underway to grow capacity on SkyMAX to 10Gb/s or 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s in coming years.

We also have a suite of innovative intellectual property that will deliver  unique capabilities to trading firms from advanced analytics, enabling traders  to adjust strategy  in real-time pending conditions along the RF path and to also get real-time statistics to assist in leveraging wireless technology in the trading application.


Low latency and high availability of a network are not mutually exclusive.  Wireless—properly designed, planned and installed—can be every bit as available as fiber optic.  Born from a history designing carrier-grade networks, we think in terms of the number of 9’s required to balance latency with availability.  When their competitors’ networks are down, our clients are up and making profits.

The graphic on this page illustrates  how network usage is severely compromised by poorly planned availability.


Click here to download our Network Availability White Paper.

One phone call solution

When a trading firm asks us to build a network, they engage   our full spectrum of capabilities.  These include patent-protected RF engines, path design, site acquisition, permitting and spectrum licensing, installation, commissioning and ongoing service. Our clients don’t need to engage multiple parties, nor must they assume the “project management stress” involved in accomplishing their network build. NexxCom does it all, pain-free, for your IT department.