Enterprises, municipalities, schools, hospitals, government institutions and other organizations are always seeking new technologies that enable them to maximize their communications capabilities, while reducing their expenses.

NexxCom next-generation SkyData™ and SkyMAXTM product lines, as well as our Network Planning and Design services, enable rapid deployment of high capacity native Ethernet and traditional TDM services for private and Enterprise networks.

With NexxCom scalable, wireless connectivity solutions, there is no need to worry about capacity constraints. And because you have the option of licensed spectrum, interference is not an issue. Your network can easily grow as you grow.

Typical applications:

  • High speed LAN extension
  • VoIP and video transport
  • Client-server applications which require high-performance low latency
  • Remote storage and back-up
  • Video conferencing and aggregation into a single WAN connection
  • TDM T1/E1 service extension
  • Network hardening and infrastructure redundancy
  • City administration office connectivity (city hall to satellite offices)
  • Police and fire station connectivity
  • School board broadband connectivity
  • Hospital connectivity

Solution highlights:

  • Eliminate expensive leased lines with lowest total cost of ownership solution
  • Take control of your network
  • Simple transition to IP, installation and operation
  • Rapid deployment using licensed or unlicensed spectrum
  • Native Ethernet and T1/E1 TDM support

Network Planning and Design

The highest levels of expertise, with 100 years of combined experience.

As the most critical step in any network deployment or upgrade, the planning and design phase provides the essential foundation for your future network build.

NexxCom’s planning organization delivers the highest levels of expertise, with extensive experience in the planning and design of thousands of communications networks around the globe.

Planning and Design Benefits

  • Minimize your total cost of ownership through network design optimization
  • An in-depth understanding of your requirements ensures a successful deployment from day one
  • Understand alternative designs options and the implications to your network
  • Meet the capacity and resiliency requirements of current and future service offerings

Planning and Design Approach

Network planning and design services consist of a comprehensive set of activities involving:

  • Network requirements gathering
  • Network architecture selection
  • Product and technology recommendations
  • Detailed network analysis and design
  • License coordination