Our Wireless-Meet-Me-Room (WMMR), which is a NexxCom process for planning and maximizing the utility and interoperability of a data center (carrier neutral hotels, point of presence and central offices are interchangeable) rooftop, creates new revenue and value for the data center.  NexxCom works in concert with our data center partners to implement a tailored wireless strategy that provides diversity/disaster recovery, incumbent fiber network extensions and rapid new connections/services with a fully planned RF policy to maximize the number of wireless connections while mitigating interference and lowering the total cost of doing business as a wireless partner.

325 Hudson in New York City is the first of several such WMMR’s.  325 Hudson is a carrier neutral hotel on the west side of Manhattan.  NexxCom and the owners of 325 Hudson have created a planned WMMR that can optimize connections from Manhattan, throughout the island to northern New Jersey and others.  There are several transatlantic cables and other carriers co-located in the facility and the WMMR is providing hybrid fiber/wireless connections for disaster recovery, extension to bring new customers on net and also low latency to the trading centers in New Jersey.  For more information on 325 Hudson click here.