Carrier Solutions

With extensive broadband fiber networks throughout North America and Europe, you might believe that every business has the ability to seamlessly connect with  these networks. This is not always true. NexxCom can provide the extension to bridge this gap.

You might also think that two fiber connections to your facility creates adequate diversity, but it doesn’t. It creates duplicity. Following the attacks of 9/11, the Lower Manhattan Telecommunications Users Working Group (click here to download report) concluded that for diversity to exist the following elements must be in place: (1) Diverse access route to the facility; (2) Diverse riser connectivity and (3) Diverse Media.  NexxCom can solve your diversity, disaster recovery and continuity of operations efforts.

In addition to carriers, we’ve teamed with datacenters and carrier neutral hotels (See 325 Hudson Presentation) to optimize extension and diversity needs.  Our rooftop management system or Wireless Meet-me-Room, WMMRTM provides planned and managed rooftop systems to maximize the volume of wireless installations on any given rooftop.

Our solutions are ideal for network expansion, hardening, disaster recovery and applications that require legacy TDM services and carrier-grade, high-capacity native Ethernet.

Solution Engines:

  • SkyDATA scalability from 100Mb/s/ to 1,200Mb/s
  • SkyMAX scalability from 1Gb/s to a market leading 2Gb/s 99.999% availability options with 2+2 redundancy and intelligent nodal Ring/Mesh switching options

Each platform offers

  • T1/E1and Ethernet service support
  • Low latency (Control over service levels)
  • Split architecture and all outdoor options.
  • Fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet interface
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

Rural Broadband

NexxCom’s solutions are ideally suited to the unique challenges associated with deployments in rural and other low-density regions. We have a full suite of products, network planning and design services to ensure that the proper tool has been selected for the job. Fixed broadband wireless is often the least-desirable solution in a rural environment and needs to be used in conjunction with dark fiber, satcom or other technologies. NexxCom’s large syndicate of partners and our culture of customer care deliver the best solution possible. In our offering, there are several fundamental benefits including:

  • Rapid deployment times measured in days, not months
  • 100Mbps to 2Gb/s scalability -> backbone and access
  • Flexible bandwidth offering simple, pay-as-you-grow capacity increases
  • Best-in-class system design yielding longer hops, higher capacity and smaller antenna sizes

Creative business models to custom build or build to leverage OPEX budgets