NexxCom Wireless – pushing the velocity of the bit down Wall Street

Disruptive technology might the new normal for Wall Street. But don’t forget the capacity that powers innovation. CEO, Jay Lawrence, gave some insight earlier this summer at Telecom Exchange 2014; Modernizing Wall Street: the Pipes, the Speeds, the Mobile Wallets


Wall Street 30.0 comment~Take the growing change of technology over the past five year then multiply that times greed.  It won’t equal Wall Street 3.0 it will be more like 30.0.

bad behavior commen ~ Should government has to take an active role? Regulation gets worked around and creates a bunch of bad behavior.

femtoseconds comment ~ What happens when trading is done in femtoseconds?

weather image ~ Physics, weather, rain, snow, can all effect a wireless link. We’re building the accommodation for that into our radios.


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